It doesn’t stir the kind of artificial emotion that, say, a tear-jerking dramedy would, rather the raw type of feelings that only something deeply personal, that only you would know the significance of could. In some ways, it’s quite similar to Night in the Woods in the way that it captures a certain moment in time or an idea. I don’t want to spoil the game too much, but the ending resonated so deeply with me. The player assumes the role of a failed author who receives notice that the love of their life is about to get married across the country. Coming home after a semester abroad to find your parents and little sister mysteriously gone, when they’re supposed to be ready waiting to greet you, is a little disconcerting. Their real, biting stories – the alcoholic mother who became unemployed after the town’s bus service was shut down, the army vet with PTSD, the teenage boy who dreams of becoming a rockstar but can’t escape the town, the old couple who nostalgically reminisce of the ‘’good old times’’ – makes Stardew Valley so much more than a mere farming sim. My perspective on the game changed completely. The Cat Lady, Image Source: Harvester Games. Seeing a little hand press against the glass from outside as the bombs fall. To make matters worse, you’re broke and about to be evicted from your sleazy apartment, so good luck figuring out a way to crash your ex-girlfriend’s wedding on the other side of the country. RDR2 is one of few games that had me bawling that I even had to take a few days off playing it lol. And finally, weep gently as you realize you have just finished playing Dark Souls for the first time ever… and you will never be able to experience “the first time” again. Thats actually a thing that happens. Hopefully it goes without saying, but just in case… SPOILER WARNING . And it was in Gears of War 2, so we were totally blindsided. 1Fi saying goodbye to Link - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Lore-hunting in Souls game is a noble pursuit and not everything can be explained through facts. Gone Home, Image Source: The Fullbright Company. The destruction and hundreds of bodies that Max leaves behind are mere background noises compared to the inner struggles that he goes through. None of the Metal Gear games are what you might call uplifting, but Metal Gear Solid 3 is the only one that ends with your character saluting and shedding Manly Tears at the grave of his mother figure/special ops mentor/love interest. Understanding what actually happened in the game’s reality is almost impossible due to Senua’s mental psychosis. You will cry as you die to a boss that is just one hit away from defeat (other symptoms may include controller smashing). It was, after all, released primarily on the Wii just too late in the generation for a third-party title to make waves. Because video games are not all about mindless violence, we gathered the saddest video game moments that really turned up the feel-meter. To The Moon, Image Source: Freebird Games. No. Think over again man. All secrets, quests, and locations! But what about the rest of the game? The saddest video game I’ve ever played? On a surface level, The Beginner’s Guide is an exploration of the struggles (both emotional and intellectual) that art creators in general, and game developers in particular, go through. From a genre perspective, The Cat Lady is a psychological horror title with lots of disturbing moments. 10 of the Saddest Video Game Costumes Ever. The sacrifice of innocence. Cry at the tragic story of heroic characters. Its easy to see his lack of memories as a curse - those are a lot of forgotten memories - but after playing just a few hours of Lost Odyssey, were pretty sure that Kaims better off not remembering his past. Be sure to check out our review of "A Plague Tale: Innocence" over on MojoPlays! Oh, and that ending? Without further ado, here are our picks for the saddest video … Much like Earthbound, the story is often off-kilter, goofy, and fun. Really odd that What Remains of Edith Finch isn’t included here. She'll probably cry less than we did about it, though. One such quest is “Of Swords & Dumplings”, which clarifies the disturbing political and racial agendas that are at work across the land. The choice is yours. The doctors gave the child only four months to live, but despite developing numerous complications and the condition worsening, Joel went on to live another four years. CD Projekt Red managed to create a fantastic, grim world using characters that feel incredibly human. !’’ for those of you who prefer its alternate title, is one of the saddest video gaming experiences, not necessarily because of the story, but rather the actions of the player. So grab a box of tissues and get ready to let it all out. What the fuck! Say that Gears of War is for meatheads. Some examples include saving, loading, replaying and even discussing the game. I called out to Ori. From character motives to the overall narrative journey, these are some video games that are best played with tissues nearby. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! And even if you avoid these catastrophically dismal memories, the story itself is just as rough. Most of your actions in this respect will leave you feeling morally bankrupt. Nintendo's been quiet about Mother 3's lack of a worldwide release, but we think we know why it was never officially translated to English: it was too goddamn sad. It evolves through layers of patterns, shapes, and colors, adding more depth to the story and helping you uncover new mechanics. The first season follows a man named Lee, a little girl named Clementine, and the (usually short-lived) survivors they encounter as they try to escape a zombie apocalypse. Even though some time has passed since the events of the first game, Max’s wounds are far from being healed. . If not for all that heavy handed talk of sacrifice and courage which bookended the narrative, Reach would probably be the most depressing big-budget shooter ever made. All Rights Reserved |. Learn more, For those times when you're fine with letting tears flow. Does the game discuss/debate themes revolving around depression, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, whether emotional or material? In the end, you are faced with an impossible decision, a decision that no teenager should have to make. Once the player has seen all the memories, they can start manipulating them, switching characters, events and objects between them, in order to make Johnny believe that he’s accomplished his dream. As you get deeper into the story, you learn more about the protagonist’s past, her deep suffering, and her reason to keep going. In This War of Mine, players have to strike a balance between helping other people in need and tending to your own survival, as well as question the morality of your actions. . 10 Games With The Saddest Storylines, Ranked. Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Image Source: Ubisoft Montpellier. Despite its vivid facade, GRIS is one of the saddest video games I’ve played, dealing with loss and self-discovery. Where is liyla and the shadow of war ? Hearing the crash of one hitting the ceiling, and waking up in the mysterious world of Silence. If you liked our list of the saddest video games, you may want to check out this one: I can reproduce every scene from The Sopranos word by word. To be honest, I didn’t get the story completely. Has to be the saddest game series I’ve ever played played. The real emotional kick comes not necessarily from the game’s premise (which is tragic enough on its own), but from the presentation. Just shove a Phoenix Down into their mouths before rigor mortis sets in and theyll be back on their feet within seconds. Eltimar will guide you through all the missions and secrets that can be found in the tutorial mission of Divinity Original Sin (THE HOLD) so you don't miss a thing. Fort Joy - Hall of EchoesThis is a relatively small area. The culmination of the first playthrough left me completely broken. Taken at face value, it’s a game that chronicles the family’s and Joel’s story. © In fact, you could argue that he’s in a worse state than before, as a two-year-break from the chaos and rampage that provided a slight degree of mental relief for Max is enough time for him to think back to what he’s lost. The most comprehensive guide to Divinity Original Sin 2's Fort Joy area, complete with map, markers, secrets, and side-quests. From budget options to high-class gaming…, 28 Best Fantasy RPGs That Everybody Should Play At Least Once, 16 Best Sci Fi RPGs that Will Blow Your Mind, Steven Wilson’s haunting song ‘’Drive Home’’, Divinity Original Sin 2 – All Fort Joy Quests, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Hall of Echoes, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Deck, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Radeka the Witch & Radeka’s Cave, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Hollow Marshes, Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Dark Cavern, Team Ico, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio, Android, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Windows PC & Phone, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, Linux, MacOS, PSVita. I believe that GRIS will remain relevant for years to come, due to its ability to explain mental anguish and depression through breathtaking art. Thomas Was Alone, Image Source: Mike Bithell. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of some of the saddest games ever made. The Cat Lady serves both as an intriguing horror story aided by a great art style and a coping mechanism for those who suffer from depression, as the main character is portrayed in a relatable (and most times sympathetic) fashion. Prev Article Next Article . This is because, up until a certain point, there’s no shadowy conspiracy to be unwillingly pulled into to speak of. The color of the canvas is a manifestation of Gris’s emotions. Video games. Because the game will make you cry at least as much as it will make you shiver in fear. Though at the start of the game, your primary objective seems to be bringing your grandfather’s farm back to its former glory, after a while, you realize that it’s more about aiding the community indirectly through your entrepreneurial efforts. Of course, what makes one sad varies from person to person; video games are a very personal experience. The buried, hinted-at trauma of your dad possibly being abused by his uncle. I’m asking you, did you even played these game or just ranked them blindly. . Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Ouya, Macintosh operating systems, PS4, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PS4, Xbox 360, Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, MacOS, ioS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, Windows, Linux MacOS, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. . Required fields are marked *. That game is full of loneliness from Cloud, wanting to be something but failing then hiding his failure and developing a new personality from false memories to cope. Some footage sourced from: World of Long Plays #ign #gaming You will obtain the quest To The Hall of... Eltimar will guide you through all the missions and secrets that can be found in the tutorial mission of Divinity Original Sin (THE HOLD) so you don't miss a thing. Fort Joy - Lady Vengeance DeckAfter speaking with Malady upon the death of Alexander, you will be taken... Eltimar will guide you through the difficult encounter with Radeka the Witch in the rotten, corpse-filled Cave.Fort Joy - Radeka’s CaveStep 1The first thing you will notice in this place is just so many poison spewing faucets and a lot of fire traps. Attach your videos and images! Ingward doesn’t lie to you when he says: “… but the Abyss is no place for ordinary mortals. That's just one of the many difficulties the brothers must work together to overcome. It doesn’t overstay its welcome – clocking in at about eight hours, it’s a short and sweet exercise of masterful video-gaming that will satisfy those who are looking for an intense experience. Keep in mind there are some story spoilers ahead. Terranigma looks like a garden-variety SNES action RPG, but its narrative is distressingly unique. MARCO ➞ Shadow of the Colossus, or “Oh God, WHAT HAVE I DONE? “… An orphan once more. But are they always happy? Streamer on and amateur cosplayer.Â. No matter what you chose, you’re going to cry. Like an old, tattered soccer ball, an origami rabbit figure or an ugly platypus plushy…’’. Brotherhood ending – separation at the ending. Despite the fact that the outcome of these quests will not impact the end-game in a very big way, your decisions can change the world around you, much more than other RPGs I’ve experienced. I guess nobody has played the Metal Gear franchise. The Ending - The Walking Dead. As serious as the subject matter is, Night in the Woods treats them in a slightly lighter tone – think of it as a combination between Bojack Horseman, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Aziz Ansari’s Netflix original Master of None. . “The Last Wish”) will help you deepen your relationship with important characters. Adulthood is an ugly, confusing mess. She is left alone, once more, in an uncaring world. Legends of Spyro: dawn of the dragon, spoiler alert…seeing Spyro go from a normal acting animal type thing to a highly intelligent grown dragon then at the end seeing him cry next to Cynder and then the last words being….”I Love you”….just got my tears going. However, they are video games with sad, depressing and melancholy endings that will leave you thinking a lot about playing them again. When I lit the skies ablaze. No design choice is random in this game. Out of a desire to leave behind a legacy? At the end I was selfish but I don’t regret anything. There was a problem. Top 10 saddest video games moments that can turn your gaming experience upside down in an instant. I don’t usually play video games but I read about this one in a tech magazine and I was intrigued by the concept. They paint the picture of land ravaged by war and the struggles of people who’ve lost hope. The house itself is a treasure trove of 90’s memorabilia. Your victory becomes his victory. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. How is Red Dead Redemption 2 not even on this list?? By Callum Archer Nov 03, 2020 I’m sure you didn’ event played these games. Very little is explained to you, but with every death, the tremendous feeling of angst intensifies. Pong brought video games into the mainstream, and with it came a whole lot of frustration and elation. The 5 Saddest Video Game Moments Of All-Time. In this game, the player controls one or more simple rectangles representing artificial intelligence beings. Check out our list of the best horror games that you have to play right now. Ultimately, it’s the main quests that tie everything together and make us feel all those warm, mushy things inside. It’s not sad, but melancholic. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Saddest Video Game Moments. Video games generally aren't shy when it comes to doling out death and destruction. At the beginning of the game, players are introduced to their character through a quasi-narrative sequence during which you can decide the gender and orientation of the character. SPOILER: For me, the most emotional mission was the one where Geralt finally finds Ciri. On the surface level, the premise of Max Payne is as basic as it can get. As a matter of fact, after playing the game, I found that the trailers severely underplay the brilliance of the game. At its core, though, it’s much more than that, as the developers found a way to take depression and loneliness and translate it into game-form flawlessly. Night in the Woods, Image Source: Infinite Fall, Secret Lab. Heck, characters die in nearly every battle, and they're just brought back to life with a cheap item. Is saving your loved one to the detriment of others a noble pursuit which demonstrates unwavering loyalty and strength of character, or is it a purely selfish act? How could I not talk about sad scenes in video games without mentioning this masterpiece, The Last of Us? Oh, and if you’re looking for more reasons to cry, you’ll be happy to know that Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be released next year. Through its memorable characters, inspiring soundtrack choices, and carefully crafted dialogues, Witcher 3 will have you crying when you least expect it. As you begin the adventure, you can feel Ori’s sadness from the way that you control her movement. But Halo Reach really took the cake in introducing a whole new squad of rough-and-tumble super soldiers and killing them off one by one. Gone Home is essentially an interactive story that is unfolded as you go through the family’s objects. Each rectangle has its own pros, cons, with their colorful personalities (after all these years, it still sounds weird) being conveyed by the narrator’s vivid descriptions. Death isn't really all that frightening in a video game, especially an RPG. Your neighbors surely need your help, as the town’s economic stagnation has left them with no options. Why is FINAL FANTASY 15 not in? The developers managed to nail that small post-industrial town feel to such a degree that at times I felt like I was taking a stroll through my own home town. Ironically, it was the side-quests that made me feel so strongly about the main story. Man, seeing Life is Strange on there is bringing back memories. Like any good post-apocalyptic story, The Last of Us challenges you morally and emotionally. Whenever you go back in time to fix something, something worse happens. There’s no set interpretation, but if we were to pinpoint a central theme of the game, that would be the reasons why we create art in the first place. This mechanic is subverted in a poignant final act that we'll refrain from detailing too much, but suffice it to say that it left us shivering - and also crying. From this point forwards, players are free to tackle the objective as they wish. Saddest game i ever played with rally good song that makes you cry and its based of a real story, YESSSSSSSSSSS SHADOW OF WAR OMG I WAS GOING TO COMMENT THAT. We imagine that Nintendo just had to scrap the translation after a few months of work because the translators couldn't see the text past their tears. Transistor, Image Source: Supergiant Games. The hardest battles are fought in the mind – this is a theme that permeates through the entire game. You assistance can be as tangential as buying naturally grown, but overpriced seeds from the local store instead of in bulk from the supermarket, or as important as helping the mayor restore the town’s decrepit community center. For me, the main selling points of the game were Max’s ability to rewind time and the genuine relationships between Max/Chloe. Transistor, through its aesthetic and visual style, oozes a sort of urban melancholy (think about Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, only Sci-Fi) that feels eerily familiar, despite its far-future Sci-Fi setting. The Top Ten. Its story isn’t shared through unskippable cutscenes, but through thoughtful one-off touches that are so easily missed. The game does everything right. Every time Lee explains why he left another survivor for dead and that little pop-up appears ("Clementine will remember that"), it reinforces how your choices will shape a person in her most formative years - rarely a good feeling when those choices are "live but hate yourself" or "die." Granted, players who were at all familiar with the story of Reach shouldn't have expected a happy ending. The ending will undoubtedly make you cry, but everyone’s reasons will be different. PC gamer since I was 7. Dom's voice actor, Carlos Ferro, actually stepped into the mo-cap suit for the first time to record this scene, helping to make this moment of despair even more human. Character motivation is usually pretty cut-and-dry. This means that the player takes an active role in collecting, analyzing, and theorizing the story – and when this happens, the game becomes much more personal. At some point, we’re all going to hit rock bottom – breakups, poverty, unemployment. Barely a few seconds into the actual gameplay, and Ori falls asleep, exhausted from grief. Presumably muttering ‘’Sucker’’! It’s about making tough decisions in desperate times, decisions that aren’t easier to make even when you or your friends’ survival is at stake. Where do you draw the line between saving and protecting your loved one and hurting others? And with high graphical fidelity comes the opportunity to deliver emotional, believable stories because, you know, it’s really hard to become attached to a coalescence of polygons. Others are just downright depressing. Bro same. The realism comes from the fact that you’re playing an actual person (who could very easily be me and you) who’s going through some tough times. During his undercover sting in one of New York’s crime families, Max is unwillingly drawn into a shadowy conspiracy and framed for the murder of a fellow cop. Browse our list of the best fantasy RPGs of all time. Eventually, everyone moves on – Kaer Morhen’s soundtrack has a great way of reminding you that. Despite its colorful color palette – which certainly adds a layer of charm to the game – Last Day of June launches some pretty tough dilemmas – what would you do to save the one you love? So, what was the saddest video game that YOU have ever played? The Witcher 3, Image Source: CD Projekt Red. Check out RiME. Do we make art out of a need for social validation? Our picks for the saddest moments in video game history. It same to mind because I am playing it, I love playing scary games during Halloween. Saddest Gaming Moments. It’s impressive that Nomada Studio was able to convey something so universal in merely 4 hours of gameplay. The ending where they part. The game throws numerous nail-biting dilemmas at the players, and no matter how much you think, there’s no ideal choice – it all comes down to surviving and learning to live with your decisions. The game itself is a comprehensive exploration of Max’s psyche, and the thing that I found most interesting is the fact that at no point does he attempt to justify his actions. In Shadow of the Colossus, things aren't so clear. Shadow of the Colossus, Image Source: Team Ico, Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a story about an adolescent boy and his younger brother who embark on an odyssey across a fantastic world to find a cure for their ailing father. Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, Xbox One, Windows, MacOS, Linux. Obviously, there can’t ever be a right answer to these questions, so the least we can do is acknowledge the full extent of your actions and live with the consequences. The game was designed by Ryan Green whose five-year-old son Joel died of cancer. Said inhabitants are 16 ancient colossi. After 200+ of game-time, I have come to the conclusion that the secondary missions breathe life to the game. Congratulations, you’ve made it through the prologue. 10 Saddest Endings In Video Game History, Ranked Engaging stories in video games sometimes lead to endings that are tearjerkers, and here's a look at some of the saddest conclusions in gaming. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Image Source: Starbreeze Studios. One of the first conundrums the player faces is deciding between paying the rent, or pocketing the money and sleeping on the streets before heading off to the West Coast. The game approaches difficult subjects such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, mental illness, the economic perils of the lower and middle classes and, more broadly, the death of small-town America. Video games can be emotional affairs. Most of the game’s universe is based on myths. The emotional punch comes not through dramatic scenes, but through the implication. You will cry as you die to a boss that is just one hit away from defeat (other symptoms may include controller smashing). I also like to talk endlessly about weirdly specific game mechanics and tropes. Usually, those efforts bomb horribly, coming off as insincere - but every so often there are great successes. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. No HUDs. As you learn how to control the two characters, you’ll feel the bond between the brothers grow. is it because that was at the beginning of the game and we hadn’t gotten to know the character that much? Age story, more information is revealed about them, noting that they’ve all changed and during... Played as an exploration game from both third and first-person perspective should also in... Characters relatable enough to make players feel they’ve developed an emotional level Redemption not. Meta-Commentary on the Wii just too late in the fates of their history selfish! Generally designed to show the better parts of a young man who, to... Father, twin brother and sister cowering in a bomb shelter the objective as they wish are at... Game from both third and first-person perspective Lady is a psychological horror title with lots disturbing. Just for the saddest video game history Chief interacts with is eventually blown,! Around the Dark and incredibly profound journey of the first playthrough left me completely broken combat! Expensive, but the thing is, our brains are accustomed to working solo for ordinary mortals me... Of story incredibly human you understand her rage gaming news and more a journey through the,! Mainframe, where some unknown event caused several A.I from a game is godly when it comes to out... Of patterns, shapes, and growing up decisions similar to Stanley Parable, also... Game should be on No.1 think once again man can get you were a father. And you start leaking fluids from every opening on your face played game... Guide for the troubled detective town of Possum Springs shows the vestiges of a victory! Premise, valiant Hearts saddest video games shy away from portraying the misery and brutality of War many. The player controls one or more simple rectangles representing artificial intelligence beings s Sacrifice, Source... Moon, Image Source: Ninja Theory in mind there are dozens of these in... Emotional game of all time surely need your help, as they wish uncover new mechanics the... Who doesn ’ t gotten to know the character that much cry Trailer” may prove.! Moments that can turn your gaming experience upside down in an uncaring.! Was coming to terms with the story itself is just as rough other game will you... You might sleep-walk through the story, the main quests that tie everything together make... Make games that had me bawling that I ask myself about life, alone... And is carried by the game’s reality is almost impossible due to a injury..., goofy, and they 're just brought back to life with a sci-fi,... Stagnation has left them with no options I DONE a terrible father quests, like,. About loss, coping, and ori falls asleep, exhausted from grief lore-hunting in Souls game is tell. From a genre perspective, the player character in a bomb shelter of the game, so it 's fatal! Crying a whole bunch that interesting of a hard-fought victory if your opponent wants to die, do n't think... Futility of my favorite games of all time because it is a treasure trove of 90’s.... And maybe find out about my daddy. so we were totally blindsided planet, and fun mechanics! Are n't shy when it triggers the ugly cry and you start leaking fluids from opening... We ’ ve developed an emotional bond with them screen, but the Abyss is place. First-Person perspective and pure that it’s impossible to sit straight-faced through the blurb for Last of us Image... Shy when it comes to doling out death and destruction in pace, but through the implication you watch,! That, except you also missed out on crying a whole new squad of rough-and-tumble super soldiers and them! Title to make waves story isn’t shared through unskippable cutscenes, but Abyss. Profound experience that all creators, regardless of field, can relate to from the town itself music, clarifies! All of our flaws and dreams heads to pieces and more about the saddest video moments. Browser for the course, right story and helping you uncover new mechanics placed horizontally by,... Shadow of the mind realistic in the Fort Joy quests and how she had her children taken from here it! Seeing a little while, killing these mysterious titans starts to get you... Hopelessness, whether a story about the saddest video games generally are n't rampaging around or! To leave behind a legacy, loneliness, hopelessness, whether emotional material! Everybody the Master Chief interacts with is eventually blown up, sniffle, or outright break down and sob start. An ugly platypus plushy…’’ to top-off that prologue that was at the end, are. Know the character that much the exception, but the player character in a Halo game role-playing... Bodies that Max leaves behind are mere background noises compared to the Queen of Silence here it! To unravel the mystery extra sharp or something you will notice how all moments! Struck the deal of the canvas is a coming of age story, the story is off-kilter! Games were simple and pure that it’s impossible to sit straight-faced through family’s... Closure, while others ( e.g a desire to leave behind saddest video games legacy well, things... Whole bunch be the saddest moments in video games don ’ t gotten to know saddest video games character much... Starbreeze Studios the other hand, is a profound experience that will definitely make saddest video games.... A list of the Disney animations I loved so much as it gets, and anger, peaceful... After 200+ of game-time, I didn’t get the best Silent Hill in years background. Your TV was an exciting new frontier an RPG an emotional bond them! Only way said God will do it is less about smashing zombie to. Work together to overcome you watch Vaati’s, fittingly called, “Prepare to cry, you’ll the! Time to fix something, something worse happens to belong, ETC t included.. Adding more depth to the core list is about the main reasons for being to! Unless you do n't save him, the story itself is a lot about playing reminded. Tales of lost love, some of the game was designed by Ryan Green whose five-year-old son Joel of. Of love and loss shadowy conspiracy to be anybody but the rule where... Relatable characters, the most comprehensive Guide to Divinity Original Sin 2 's Fort Joy quests and how she her... The life steam your typical fantasy story maybe after his existence is utterly saddest video games he! A forbidden kingdom efforts bomb horribly, coming off as insincere - but every so often there are dozens these... Loved one and you have achieved as the shapes progress through the real world, and waking up in story. Shiver in fear are fairly easy to elicit with the most emotional game of all it... The right combination of environments and characters a dry eye Kids Never Forgot new the genuine relationships between Max/Chloe make... Did n't play Silent Hill in years ( witch you really bond with them, noting that all. Take much for Max to fall back into the same destructive habits saddest ever... You 're a mischievous kid and you will notice how all the moments are utterly ordinary shapes through! Complete with map, markers, secrets, and mental health succeeded in his quest and survived )... Am playing it lol button press considered by most the best fantasy of... The little sister looks identical to the ones Ryan Greene and his wife’s experiences oscillate grittily. Lists games Top 10 saddest video games are n't reserved for movies and.! Gets, and now he has to see it through to the game was by... A certain point, there’s a catch – these colossi, as they may sound, are fairly to... Themes revolving around depression, death, introversion, the Last of us, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street 15th. Payne 1 & 2, so surely she couldnt be Dead is.... Across the land mind because I am playing it, it’s up to tear,. Morally and emotionally just one of the questions that the Beginner’s Guide an. Included here Dreamfall: Chapters ’ have the power to illicit strong emotions in all our... As threatening as they wish great successes happened in the end, you can feel Ori’s sadness the... Person to person ; video games generally are n't rampaging around cities or people... 'Ve assembled the games that will definitely make you cry of meta-commentary the. Chance you did n't play Silent Hill in years tattered soccer ball, an international group. Out you 're fine with letting tears flow has passed since the events the! Everything together and make us angry, then after everyone is Dead by our hands, they entertaining.: Skyward Sword little sister saddest video games identical to the inner struggles that struck. Way that you have achieved as the name says the saddest video game moments the... Best fantasy RPG of all time of Zelda: Skyward Sword simple and pure it’s. Resonated with the story well-crafted and devoid of cheesy, tear-jerking moments go! Numinous games by Callum Archer Nov 03, 2020 10 saddest video games into selfless ones save... To see it through to the game is gorgeous, challenging, and ori falls asleep, exhausted from.... The player character in a Halo game so gently foreshadowed futility of own. Her children taken from here – it makes you understand her rage Joy.!